The devil is in the details.

Published 27 Agustus 2013 by ExsperienceLife-Andy

Fashionably Male

Page Four copy

Fine Art Figure Photography of Robert John Guttke

Inevitably one explores the body as a landscape, abstract in viewing as a series of parts in close up rather than as a whole.  Composition remains tantamount with the collision of limbs and muscle forming design patterns of flesh.  Such work is not representational of the model but simply a fine physique making the statement alone.  Much like Rodin’s bronzes that lacked heads or limbs and thus allowed the audience to be drawn into shape and design without distraction of personality.  This is reality and it is not reality. One gets lost in the patterns and juxtapositions.  My college art professor surprised me when turning such images around and around and saying, “This work can be appreciated from any angle… it remains true no matter how it is viewed as long as it has been successfully composed.”

Things change when the image…

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