EXCLUSIVE: Cristian Perez by Adrián C. Martín

Published 1 Agustus 2013 by ExsperienceLife-Andy

Fashionably Male

Cristian Perez 22062013 015-2Cristian Perez 22062013 021-2Cristian Perez 22062013 029-2Cristian Perez 22062013 058-2Cristian Perez 22062013 080-2Cristian Perez 22062013 098-2Cristian Perez 22062013 112-2Cristian Perez 22062013 147-2Cristian Perez 22062013 149-2Cristian Perez 22062013 216-2Cristian Perez 22062013 229-2Cristian Perez 22062013 234-2Cristian Perez 22062013 242-2Cristian Perez 22062013 248-2Cristian Perez 22062013 261-2Cristian Perez 22062013 267-2Cristian Perez 22062013 280-2


Recently portrait by Photographer Adrián C. Martín (based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain) who kindly share his latest work a few days ago with us, once again share his portrait with stunning male model Cristian Perez wearing sexy pieces from SLY Underwear.  Adrián captured delightfully images with Cristian.

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