Jamie Clarke by Nicholas Andrews

Published 16 Juli 2013 by ExsperienceLife-Andy

Fashionably Male

Jamie Clarke tumblr_mq02anaSBa1qcam0zo1_1280Jamie Clarketumblr_mq02anaSBa1qcam0zo2_1280Jamie Clarketumblr_mq02anaSBa1qcam0zo3_1280Jamie Clarketumblr_mq02anaSBa1qcam0zo4_1280Jamie Clarketumblr_mq02anaSBa1qcam0zo5_1280Jamie Clarketumblr_mq02anaSBa1qcam0zo6_1280Jamie Clarketumblr_mq02anaSBa1qcam0zo7_1280Jamie Clarketumblr_mq02anaSBa1qcam0zo8_1280Jamie Clarketumblr_mq02anaSBa1qcam0zo9_1280Jamie-Clarke-Nicholas-Andrews-3Jamie-Clarke-Nicholas-Andrews-9

British model Jamie Clarke is profoundly deaf and actually plays football for the Great Britain deaf football team.  Which is cool, if true?  I have gleaned this trivia from a model mayhem profile.  Are these profiles as legit as, say, wikipedia?  Anyways, deaf or not deaf, Jamie Clarke has a very bright future in modelling. Photography by Nicholas Andrews.

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