Project Sabbagh

Published 7 Juli 2013 by ExsperienceLife-Andy

Fashionably Male

20130706-070219 p.m..jpg

20130706-070224 p.m..jpg

20130706-070228 p.m..jpg

20130706-070232 p.m..jpg

20130706-070236 p.m..jpg

20130706-070245 p.m..jpg

20130706-070240 p.m..jpg

20130706-070252 p.m..jpg

20130706-070257 p.m..jpg

Mustafa Sabbagh was born in Amman (Jordan) and studied architecture at the University of Venice. Formed in London in 2007 working with the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Post several jobs in numerous publications including Arena, The Face, Italian Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue, Rodeo, Gatsby, Front, Kult, Sport & Street. Since 2004, participating in several exhibitions and publishing projects (Bread & Butter, Berlin, 2004; Human Game and Welcome TO MY HOUSE, Florence, 2006; Lee jeans book, Berlin 2008).

VMagazine consider Mustafa like:

The very talented & prolific photographer Mustafa Sabbagh’s keen eye for beauty, composition & lighting captures a dream-like surreal quality in his body of work


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